3A Restaurant

Fish Taco $12.99 

mango slaw, mint sour cream, spring mix, tortilla wrap

Classic Angus Beef Burger (8oz)$14.99

crispy bacon, vine tomato, red onion,spring mix, mayo

Chick Pea and Portabella Burger$18.99

chickpea,wilted,spinach,portoello mushroom marinated with balsamic vinegar, smoked bell pepper,onion, basil oil.

Crispy Haddock Burger$13.99

cole slaw, panko haddock, hickory tar tar sauce, dill pickle, spring mix

Fish and Chips

1 piece $9        2 pieces $14.99

panko haddock,hickory tar tar sauce, french fries

Raisin Lamb Burger$27.99

spring mix, chopped raisin,mint sour cream, pickled onion, served on pretzel bun



Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sandwich$15.99

toasted, chibatta bun, smoked red peper, goat cheese, balsamic mayo

3A Special Lunch $9.99

choice of steak or chicken warp, choice of soup and salad

Chef’s Salad $9.99

feta cheese Asian dressing, pickled red onion, prosciutto chips,smoked bell pepper, spring mix

Beet and goat Salad $8.99

maple aged balsamic dressing,spring mix, goat cheese, candied walnut , pickled beets

Caesar Salad $7.99

lettuce, parm cheese, bacon bits, seasoned croutons,deep fried capers, homemade caesar dressing

French Onion Soup $8.99

                                       served with tea biscuit

                         Seafood Chowder $11.99

Mussels,shrimp,haddock,scallops,smoked bacon

Soup of the Day


3A Restaurant



cream, garlic,celery,white wine,fennel,garlic toast


coriander calamari,hickory mayo,spring mix,lemon grass

Striploin: $14.99

onion frits,pickled cabbage,spring mix and seasoned and torched feta cheese


basil,vine tomato,red onion,balsamic vinegar,honey

Pan seared scallops:$12.99

mango slaw,beets puree,fresh fennel leaves, and parsnip chips


Soup of the day $7.99
French onion soup:$8.99

mozzarella cheese,seasoned croutons,served with leek tea biscuit

Creamy seafood chowder: $11.99

mussels,shrimp,haddock,scallops,smoked bacon


Caesar salad: $7.99

lettuce,shaved parm cheese,bacon bits,seasoned croutons,deep fried capers,homemade caesar dressing

Beet and goat salad:$8.99

maple aged balsamic dressing,spring mix,goat cheese,candied walnut

Chef’s salad:$9.99

feta cheese,asian dressing,pickled red onion,prosciutto chips,spring mix


Side of Choice: creamy mashed potato, roasted baby potato,french fries,mushroom risotto

Chicken supreme: $23.99

sous vide chicken supreme, asparagus,baby carrots,creamy mashed potato,applewood sauce,cheese chips

Pan fried haddock: $20.99

fresh haddock served with coconut curry sauce, seasonal veggie

Beef tenderloin: $20.99

sous vide 8 oz. beef tenderloin, mushroom chestnut sauce

Raisin lamb burger:$27.99

spring mix, chopped raisin,mint sour cream,pickled onion, served on pretzel bun

Chickpea and portobello mushroom burger: $18.99

chickpea,wilted spinach,portobello mushroom marinated with balsamic vinegar,smoked bell pepper, caramelised onion, basil oil

Pad thai: $14.99

Add chicken $4    Add beef $6

Homemade sauce, red pepper, yellow onion,mushroom,bean sprouts

Seafood pappardelle: $24.99

tomato sauce,fresh basil leave,mussels,shrimp,parm cheese

Surf and turf: $34.99

atlantic lobster tail, 6oz. striploin,demi-glace,string fries served with hickory mayo, and deep fried garlic chips

Pork loin: $24.99

15oz. smoked pork loin, pineapple slaw,hickoy sauce,apple quenelle


Crème brulee: $9.99

Cheesecake two ways: $9.99

strawberry coulis, deep fried cheese

carrots cake: $9.99

Jaffa mousse cakes: $9.99

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